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                                                                                                 22 Etched in Time
                                                                                                 A history of the magnificent stretch
                                                                                                 of Southern California coastline that
                                                                                                 Terranea Resort calls home

                                                                                                 30 Enivisioning Terranea
                                                                                                 Follow the process  from abandoned
                                                                                                 oceanic park to environmentally-
                                                                                                 conscious world-class resort

                                                                                                 40 Time...and a Place
                                                                                                 Connect with nature and align the
                                                                                                 body, mind and spirit with a visit to
                                                                                                 The Spa at Terranea

                                                                                                 48 Natural Insticts
                                                                                                 Share the Portuguese Bend Artist
                                                                                                 Colony’s special connection to
                                                                                                 Terranea and the scenic backdrop that
                                                                                                 inspires their plein air paintings
 Terranea is pleased to announce its exclusive                                                   56 Living the Dream
 lender relationship with Coast Capital Group.                                                   Meet four Casita and Villa residents
                                                                                                 who chose Terranea as their perfect
                                                                                                 second home
 Coast Capital Group is a full service mortgage banking
 and brokerage that is currently closing purchases at the                                        64 Birds of Paradise
                                                                                                 Experience the beautiful raptors and
 Terranea. At Coast Capital Group, we never forget that our                                      skilled handlers that lead the resort’s
                                                                                                 eco-friendly abatement program
 success is only as great as the experience of each and every

 client. You’ll never feel like a number, a fico score or debt ratio.                            70 Star Search
                                                                                                 Actor Lloyd Bridges’  TV portrayal of a
                                                                                                 diver and detecitve put this oceanfront
  We look forward to an opportunity to service all                                               property on the map. Discover his
                                                                                                 enduring legacy at Nelson’s.
 of your Real Estate Financing needs.
                                                                                                 76 All in Good Taste
                                                                                                 Take a seat at the resort restaurants, cafes
                                                                                                 and bars that serve guests one culinary
                                                                                                 pleasure after another.

                                                                                                 LEFT: Regal Fokker awaits instruction
                                                                                                 from her trainer Scott Timmons while
                                                                                                 perched on his leather glove.

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