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                                                                                                           “ With so
                                                                                                           much to
                                                                                                           discover across

                                                                                                           Terranea’s 102
                                                                                                           acres, it is little

                                                                                                           wonder that
                                                                                                           many guests at
                                                                                                           the resort are
                                                                                                           returning again
                                                                                                           and again.

                                                      8 Welcome                              17 Night Music
                                                                                             The sunset ritual of singing bowls
                                                      10 Contributors                        becomes a Terranea tradition

                                                      13 Check In                            18 Resort Style
                                                                                             The marea boutique charms with
                                                      14 Green Day                           seaside fashions and accessories
                                                      A preview of The Links, Terranea’s nine-  20 Special Events
                                                      hole, par-3 championhip calibar golf course
                                                                                             A mulitude of indoor and outdoor spaces
                                                      14 The Road to Discovery               set the scene for the perfect gathering
                                                      pointe discovery offers guests the
                                                      resources needed for a vacation full   20 Play it Again
                                                      of activities and adventures           Look who’s playing at the Lobby Bar

                                                      16 Terranea By The Numbers             21 Small Wonders, Big Thrills
                                                      See how many of the resorts best       An action-packed itinerary of amazing
                                                      amenities add up                       outdoor activities awaits Terranea’s
                                                                                             youngest guests
                                                      17 Burning Love
                                                      Spark a romance at one of the 225 fire  82 Happy Ending
                                                      pits or fireplaces on property         Weddings at Terranea


                                                          Terranea Resort Magazine

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