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                                                                                                           “ With so
                                                                                                           much to
                                                                                                           discover across

                                                                                                           Terranea’s 102
                                                                                                           acres, it is little

                                                                                                           wonder that
                                                                                                           many guests at
                                                                                                           the resort are
                                                                                                           returning again
                                                                                                           and again.

                                                      8 Welcome                            16 Pointe Discovery
                                                      10 Contributors                      Great finds for an active itinerary

                                                                                           18 Green Scene
                                                      13 Green Day                         How Terrenea preserves the
                                                      A preview of The Links, Terranea’s            environmental blueprint of the
                                                      nine-hole, par-3 championship-caliber   coastal property
                                                      golf course
                                                                                           20 Star Search
                                                      14 Terranea By The Numbers           The TV legacy of casual eatery Nelson’s
                                                      See how many of the resort’s best
                                                      amenities add up
                                                                                           22 Terranea Gives Back
                                                                                           Exploring the resort’s local
                                                      15 Burning Love                      philanthropic efforts
                                                      Spark a romance at one of the 225 fire
                                                      pits or fireplaces on property
                                                                                           82 Departure
                                                      15 Night Music                       A closer look at the birds of prey
                                                      The sunset ritual of singing bowls   untethered for the resort’s seagull
                                                      becomes a Terranea tradition         abatement program


                                                         Terranea Resort Magazine
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