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                    In its inaugural issue, Terranea Magazine
                    set forth to offer readers a unique sense of
                    connection to the resort and its unparalleled
                    surroundings on Southern California’s coastline.
                    We’ve often heard remarks about the distinctive
                    “feeling” of Terranea. Guests here are
                    awakened to a vibrant destination full of sights
                    and attractions to explore—from rich heritage
                    and natural treasures to lively culture, fresh
                    cuisine and much more. Experiencing these joys
                    through a local lens is our ultimate desire for our
                    valued readers, whether at the resort itself or
                    venturing into the region’s neighboring towns.

                    In this spirit, our latest issue celebrates a season of discovery as Terranea marks the third anniversary
                    of its opening. We are excited to unveil several new enhancements to the resort’s wealth of offerings.
                    Most notably, the debut of our Asian dining experience bashi honors the region’s storied past while
                    shaping the future of its culinary landscape. There are also new activities and recreational options to
                    experience—from outdoor adventures and singular indulgences to unexpected glimpses into the past.

                    You’ll find much to uncover in the following pages of Terranea Magazine, featuring a colorful mix of
                    profiles, in-depth features and the latest happenings in this cultural hub that is Los Angeles. Our pages
                    also reveal a unique history that resonates today. Throughout, we hope to forge a valuable connection
                    for our readers amid the wonders of this delightful area.

                    Terranea’s 102 oceanfront acres offer dining venues, sparkling pools, world-class accommodations, spa
                    rituals and more. Set against a Pacific Ocean backdrop, it’s little wonder that guests return again and
                    again to discover new facets of this hidden Southern California gem.

                    Terranea Magazine is pleased to share this journey with you.

                                                                Guests here are awakened to a vibrant destination
                                                                full of sights and attractions to explore—from rich
                    Terri A. Haack                                heritage and natural treasures to lively culture,
                    Executive Vice President & Managing Director
                                                                            fresh cuisine and much more.”

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