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            ROBE, $59, AND GREY WAISTCOAT,
            NECKLACE, $130. HAVAIANA FLIP
            FLOPS, $14.
            ON BOY: 3 POMMES CHEMISE
            SHIRT, $45, AND GREY PANTS, $52.
            HAVAIANA FLIP FLOPS, $14.


                                                                                      24 Etched in Time
                                                                                      A history of the magnificent stretch of Southern
                                                                                      California coastline that Terranea Resort calls home.

                                                                                      32 A Dream Realized
                                                                                      Meet a few Casita and Villa residents
                                                                                      who chose Terranea as their perfect second home.

                                                                                      40 On Course
                                                                                      Terranea’s acclaimed golf course, The Links, gives
                                                                                      players a unique opportunity to improve their game
                                                                                      … and enjoy breathtaking vistas between shots.

                                                                                      44 Embracing the Journey
                                                                                      The Bungalows at Terranea offer the ultimate haven
                                                                                      for travelers looking to escape to an inspirational

                                                                                      50 Young at Heart
                                                                                      Terranea makes an extraordinary destination for the
                                                                                      entire family.

                                                                                      54 The Terranea Day Tripper
                                                                                      Explore nearby attractions within driving distance
                                                                                      from your ocean paradise.

                                                                                      60 Terranea By Design
                                                                                      The artistic soul of the resort’s beautifully layered
                                                                                      design inspires a fashionable outing for family and
                                                                                      friends, all available at both marea Boutique and
                                                                                      The Spa.

                                                                                      72 The Perfect Day
                                                                                      Discover why guests choose to host their
                                                                                      celebrations at Terranea Resort.

                                                                                      76 From Terranea to Your Table
                                                                                      The resort’s top chefs and mixologists share the
                                                                                      recipes to some of their signatures specialties.


                                                         Terranea Resort Magazine
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