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                                                                                                        “ With so much

                                                                                                        to discover
                                                                                                        across Terranea’s
                                                                                                        102 oceanfront
                                                                                                        acres, it is little

                                                                                                        wonder that
                                                                                                        many guests at
                                                                                                        the resort are
                                                                                                        returning again
                                                                                                        and again.

                                                      8 Welcome                           18 Green Scene
                                                                                          How Terrenea preserves the
                                                      10 Contributors                     environmental blueprint of the
                                                                                          coastal property.
                                                      13 Curated With Care
                                                      A preview of the fine works of art on   20 On the Right Path
                                                      display throughout the resort.      A guide to the resort’s varied hiking and
                                                                                          walking trails.
                                                      14 Terranea By The                  22 All the Right Notes
                                                      Numbers                             The soundtrack to Terranea is both
                                                      See how many of the resort’s best   exciting and eclectic.
                                                      amenities add up.
                                                                                          22 Get Physical
                                                      15 Business Meets Pleasure          Customized classes help guests achieve
                                                      Satisfied clients share their experiences   better health and fitness.
                                                      hosting business gatherings at Terranea.

                                                      16 Shop With Purpose                84 Departure
                                                      A spotlight on merchandise at Pointe
                                                      Discovery that gives back to the


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