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                The 2013 issue of Terranea Magazine continues
                to explore Terranea Resort and the one-of-a-kind
                attractions, natural coastal habitat and passionate
                individuals that help make Terranea the unique
                destination that it is. We hope readers will join
                us for another year of discovery, as we celebrate
                themes of wellness, the environment and the
                community; all of which play an integral role in
                the resort’s distinct identity.

                Featured in this issue, you will find a mix of profiles,
                in-depth features and an insider’s look into the latest
                offerings in this cultural hub that is Los Angeles. From
                adventures along the Palos Verdes Peninsula, with
                miles of coastal hiking trails and more, to exciting
                day trips that will take you on a journey beyond Terranea’s borders and back again, the
                resort invites readers to experience the best of the Southern California coast.
                                                                                                “Terranea’s natural

                We are also excited to unveil several new offerings and enhancements at the resort   backdrop combined
                including the launch of The Bungalows at Terranea, new wellness retreats and
                innovative culinary programs. A haven for those looking to escape the stress of   with unique resort
                everyday life, Terranea’s natural backdrop combined with unique resort programming,   programming,
                dining options and accommodations provide the perfect Southern Californian coastal
                escape. We hope to inspire you to reconnect, refresh and celebrate you!         dining options and

                Terranea’s 102 oceanfront acres offer dining venues, sparkling pools, world-class   accommodations
                accommodations, spa rituals and more. Set against the spectacular Pacific coastline,   provide the perfect
                it’s little wonder that our guests return time and again to discover new facets of this
                hidden Southern California gem.                                               Southern Californian

                Terranea Magazine is pleased to share these new adventures with you!              coastal escape.”

                    Terri A. Haack
                    Executive Vice President & Managing Director

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                Jared Sayers        Ajay Peckham           Preston Ames, Zoe Alexander,                  Charles C. Koones
                                                             Jeff Berting, Siri Berting,                   president & ceo
                   editor            copy editor           Michele Garber, Bonnie Graves,
                Darren Elms          Laura Watts         Lacy Leigh, Fabienne Marsh, Michael   58 11th Street,   Todd Klawin
                                                        Neveux, Megan Porschen, Stefan Slater,   Hermosa Beach, CA 90254  chairman & founder
                                                                                          Tel 310-376-7800
                                                           Laura Vancans, Vanessa Wade


                                                         Terranea Resort Magazine
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