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INSIDE                                                 INSIDE


            Celebration                          68

            9    SUNSET RITUAL
                 A harmonious welcome to Terranea
            10  2017-2018 TRADITIONS Wellness                                                Discovery

                  Special events to enjoy every season
                 of the year                     47  MOONLIGHT MEDITATION                    65  SEASIDE
                                                      Strike a pose at the monthly Full Moon Yoga  SOUNDTRACK
            20  REMEMBERING                                                                       Kick off the summer season
                 MARINELAND                      53  WE ARE TERRANEA                              with Music on the Meadows
                 Before it was a resort, this bluff        Mike Hill, Stu Black and Robert Krasemann,
                 hosted LA’s answer to Sea World      The Links at Terranea                  66  EYE ON DESIGN

                                                                                                  A local interior designer’s
            21  WE ARE TERRANEA                                                                   picks for a stylish getaway
                 Kadija Fafana, Catering Events   Community
 48              Service Manager                                                             68   SURF & TURF

                                                                                                  By land or sea, fill your itinerary
                                                 57  PAY IT FORWARD                               with activities for kids and the
            Epicurean                                 Local outreach to deserving organizations   entire family
 GOLDEN AFTERNOON                                                                            70   WE ARE TERRANEA

 After taking home the gold at the 2016 Olympic Games, water polo star Caroline “KK” Clark   58  COMING HOME      Joe Roy III, Resident Falconer
 deserves a spa day. We joined her for a rejuvenating mix of beauty, style and total relaxation.  31  GARDEN OF EATING   Q&A with Terry Niemann, Director of Sales   and Bird Control Specialist
                   The fresh fare at Catalina         and Marketing at Terranea Real Estate
                 View Gardens
                                                 60  MEETING ADJOURNED                       72   PLEIN AIR PAINTING
            32  WE ARE TERRANEA                       Make the most of your business visit—both      Capture your own work of
 14  COASTAL HERITAGE  26  EVOLUTION & ESTEEM      Blake William Hale, Jr. Sous Chef    inside and outside the conference room  alfresco art on canvas
    A history of the magnificent stretch of      A look back at some of the most exciting    and Special Projects, Terranea
 Pacific coastline that Terranea calls home  changes to arrive at the resort since 2009  Garden Expert  61  WE ARE TERRANEA  74   TALK OF THE TOWN
                                                      Lauren Bergloff, Sustainability Leader       What our ambassadors have to
 22  ENVISIONING TERRANEA  34  THE TERRANEA COOKBOOK   44  FARM TO TABLE   and Naturalist         say about us on social media

    The nearly 20-year journey of creating      Seven Terranea chefs and one mixologist share      Where the resort chefs source    62  TEAM BUILDING
 Terranea, from abandoned amusement   favorite recipes you can make in your own kitchen  their menu ingredients
 park to world-class resort                           The intrinsic partnership between             Cover photographed
            45  WE ARE TERRANEA                       Terranea Resort and Habitat for Humanity      by R&R Partners
                 Jillian Gotlib, Bartender at Lobby Bar

 4 Terranea Magazine, L.A.’s Oceanfront Resort                Terranea Magazine, L.A.’s Oceanfront Resort 5
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