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                                                                                                           Darren Elms
                                                                                                                                                                               THE COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA
                                                                                                            art director
                                                                                                           Angela Akers                                                              Rooted in the history of motor sports and watchmaking,
                                                                                                                                                                                        the legendary chronograph that was born to race.
                                                                                                              designer                                                                      It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.
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                       Terranea Magazine’s 2017–2018 edition   Terranea’s 102 oceanfront acres offer
                     invites you to explore our unique offerings   unparalleled restaurants, sparkling pools,   Kara Mickelson
                     and immerse yourself in this seaside paradise.   world-class accommodations, spa and wellness   Jennie Nunn
                     Throughout this issue you will find a mix of   retreats, award-winning golf, and more. Set
                     profiles, in-depth features and an insider’s    against the spectacular Pacific coastline, we   Shane O’Donnell
                                                            are delighted to share several new features   Lauren Pressey
                   “We are delighted to share               at the resort, including our Farm-to-Terranea
                                                            culinary programs and reimagined catalina
         several new features at the resort,                kitchen, newly redesigned accommodations,
                                                            sustainability offerings, signature spa
           including our Farm-to-Terranea                   treatments, swimming pool, dining amenities
                                                            and adventure concierge services.
       culinary programs and reimagined                       Terranea’s natural backdrop combined with
                                                            unique resort programming, dining options
       catalina kitchen, newly redesigned                   and accommodations provide the perfect
                                                            coastal escape. We hope to inspire you to
           accommodations, sustainability                   reconnect, rejuvenate and immerse yourself
                                                            in the beautiful surroundings. Please enjoy our
       offerings, signature spa treatments,                 one-of-a-kind attractions, unparalleled coastal
                                                            habitat and passionate individuals who help
          swimming pool, dining amenities                   make Terranea a distinct destination.
                                                              Terranea Magazine is pleased to share these
        and adventure concierge services.”                  new adventures— and more—with you!          200 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 110,
                                                                                                           El Segundo, CA 90245
                                                                                                            Tel 310-376-7800
                     look at the latest offerings, art and culture
                     that comprise Los Angeles’ hidden gem.                                                                                                                         OYSTER PERPETUAL COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA
                     From adventures along the Palos Verdes                                                managing partners
                     Peninsula, with miles of coastal hiking trails,                                       Charles C. Koones
                     o exciting day trips that will take you on a                                            Todd Klawin
                     journey beyond the land of Terranea and
                     back again, the resort invites you to experience   Terri A. Haack                   partner & brand publisher
                     and enjoy the Southern California lifestyle.  President                                 Emily Stewart

                                                                                                            brand publisher
                                                                                                             Hannah Lee

                                                                                                                                                                              rolex   oyster perpetual, cosmograph and daytona are ® trademarks.

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